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What should be the exercise and diet regime for a night working person?

Q: I am 23 years old, male and a disc jockey (DJ) by profession. My job involves working times from 9 pm to anywhere from 3 to 5 am in the morning which are totally opposite of what the human body is designed for. I ensure that I get my share of sleep by totally darkening the room and covering my eyes. As a DJ by profession, I usually consume a lot of alcohol but am trying to cut that down (instead of having a vodka/orange juice, I have a beer when I can) but the stress of the job (I admit that's no excuse), makes it really hard to get a grip over it. Also, since I work at such odd hours, I always have a tough time getting the right kind of food, so I end up having to eat whatever is available. I eat very few vegetables (out of choice, also I love non veg food, plus the veg food is really bad at that hour). My question is that what should I do regarding my diet and excercise

A:I am glad to know that you are having a good sleep after your hectic night duty because this sleep helps you to rejuvinate for the next day. I am suggesting some modifications in your life style and diet which will go a long way in maintaining good health. Being a DJ, your routine is opposite so things will take time to adjust and you should understand that the routine your life was having for so many years is not the same now. After you get up at any time in the day, you may go for 15-20 min of brisk walking either indoor or outdoor. For breakfast cum lunch include rice, vegetable and lots of salad, curd (and non-veg is acceptable) but make sure the food is well cooked and hot to eat. Have an evening tea and one glass of milk (cold or hot) with light snacks like poha, biscuit, bhelpuri with one seasonal fruit. Go for a long evening walk for half hour including some jogging (joining a gym will be an added help). Have early dinner at around 8 P.M. which should have rice, chapati, curd, vegetable, dal and salad (for healthy living veg food is good). I am afraid you have to cut down on alcohol, if required one drink should be first and last and try to substitute it with lemon soda/fruit juices/vegetable juices. You should try to take a break (at least for week) twice or thrice a year and visit beautiful places in or outside India.


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