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What should be my father's diet keeping in mind his sugar levels?

Q: My father is 53 years old and weighs 62 kg. He recently did his blood/urine test, the result was as follows: Fasting – 130 mg/dl; PP – 288 mg/dl; Urine (Sugar) Fasting – present (++); PP – present (+++); Urine (Ketones) Fasting – absent; PP – absent. He is taking Piosys-15 & GMT-SR. What should be his diet? How can he bring the sugar level down? What fruits & vegetables can he eat?

A:Unfortunately, you have not given your father's current dietary habits; you've not even mentioned whether he is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is difficult to advise anyone what to eat without knowing what he currently eats. However, I can give you some general comments and would urge you to discuss it with the hospital dietician, if you've not already done so. Your father's weight and body mass index are reasonable at 62 kg and 23 respectively. He should maintain his weight around 60 Kg. He should avoid naked sugars such as sugar in tea or coffee (tastes better once one gets used to it), sweet drinks, chocolates and sweets. He should limit his daily intake of fat to just over 1 ounce and avoid too much oil, butter, ghee, cream, milk, cakes and red meat. If he is a non-vegetarian he should mostly eat chicken and fish and avoid too much red meat (once a week is enough). If he is a vegetarian then his proteins will come mostly from the pulses but avoid too much oil on daal tadka. Chapati and daal are excellent as long as he does not put any butter or oil on chapati and not too much oil in daal. All vegetables are all right and he should eat one or two pieces of fruit a day. He should also maintain a good level of exercise a day. I hope this advice is satisfactory to start with but you should discuss it further with an expert dietician.


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