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What should be done for an ankle ligament injury?

Q: I have completed my graduation and fond of body-building. One morning I slipped and fell down and all my body weight landed on my ankle which then swelled like an egg. After this incident I contacted an orthopaedic specialist in AIIMS and got an x-ray done which said there was no bone damage but my ligament in the ankle got damaged. It has been around 25-30 days and the pain is almost gone with the application of gels and sprays and pain-killers. The problem is that when I stand for some time or walk a distance the swelling/inflammation comes up but with no pain. It hurts only on pressing. The doctors at AIIMS told me not to run around a month so I did as they said. I request you to tell me what the problem is and what should I do? My body building career is in a fix. The doctor is also unable to tell me a way out or anything in this respect. Will I be able to run and exercise?

A:If you have injured your ankle ligaments, the swelling and pain will continue till it heals. I would recommend an ankle stirrup brace to give some support to your ankle, especially when you are active. I would also recommend ice and elevation when you have swelling. Once the ligament heals, you have to regain the strength in your peroneal muscles to prevent recurrent sprains or twists. Squats, curls, leg presses or ankle pumps cannot make your peroneals strong. The only exercises are eversion exercises of your ankle with strip weights. You might need to go to a physical therapist to learn it.


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