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What precautions should be taken to avoid H1N1 flu?

Q: I am a 38 years old woman who took H1N1 Vaccine - Vaxiflu-S four months back. I want to know the effectiveness of it. Is it safe to take Vaxiflu-S? I have taken Vaxiflu-S injectable vaccine. Can I take the Nasal - S? I am too scared of this flu and have stopped going outside. Should I have to cover my nose with mask or towel while going outside? My doctor has advised me that there is no need to get scared, I can go out anywhere. I am mentally stressed and depressed.

A:You must resume all your normal activities. You do not need to be so afraid of H1N1 ‘flue. Contrary to what people said in the beginning, this is not a very deadly disease, most people who get the infection do not even fall very sick. Those that do get symptoms such as fever also most often recover by themselves. The only precaution you need to take is to avoid direct contact with someone you know has flue like symptoms, c over your nose and mouth if someone near you coughs or sneezes. Also take care to wash your hands when you come back home. Your fear is worse than the disease.


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