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What precautions should be taken by a TB patient?

Q: I am 64-years-old. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis recently. I am under treatment currently and I am also on regular diabetic medication. Will I have any side effects while on TB medication? Will my family members be affected due to my disease? What precautions have to be taken to prevent transmission of TB to my family? Please specify a diet for me.

A:If you have TB of the lungs then your sputum for AFB must have been done. If it is positive then it is possible that you could have passed on some bacteria to somebody in close contact with you, especially if you were coughing a lot. However now that your treatment has started there is hardly any likelihood of your infecting anybody. However if you have cough just keep a handkerchief on your mouth while coughing. Regarding diet, healthy nourishing diabetic diet would be fine for you.


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