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What precautions are required for children with albinism?

Q: Please let me know what precautions should be taken for children with albinism? Are there any dietary or medication restrictions? Are there any vaccination restrictions? Is there any precaution to be taken for any visionary problems in future? Is sunlight harmful? Are there any natural hair colours for eyelids, eyebrows & hairs in scalp and if it is available can it be applied on a 2 months old baby?

A:Albinos lack pigment all over the body, and also in the eyes. Thus, the eyes are more sensitive to bright sun, and these children should be protected from sunlight by the use of sunglasses etc. Such eyes also tend to be slightly underdeveloped, and combined with the lack of retinal pigment epithelium, visual development tends to be poor, with associated conditions such as nystagmus developing (due to poor macular development). It is thus advisable that the child be seen by an ophthalmologist to ensure that any refractive errors etc. occurring are corrected at this stage itself. Natural or Chemical hair dyes must not be used on such small infants as they are extremely harsh on the baby’s skin and body.


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