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What physical activity is good for back pain?

Q: I am 25 years old and got married 7 months ago. For all these years I was very healthy and rarely fell sick. But after my marriage for the past 4 months a particular portion on the left side of my back and the upper side of my spinal cord is paining a lot. I have been doing household work which I have not done before. So the doctors say it is because of the sprain in my muscles that arose due to unusual work at home. I took some tablets initially but now I have been advised not to take them. My X-rays are normal. I have been advised by the physiotherapist to do some exercises which would help me recover but still I have pain. Is there any permanent remedy for this back pain?

A:There is no need to panic. Please cheer up. You are not down with any serious problem. The reason is that you were not used to all the physical work you are doing now. I suggest you follow the following regime. 1. Continue to do the exercises taught by your physiotherapist. 2. Learn some exercises to strengthen your abdominal, neck, shoulder girdle as well as your legs. 3. Adopt ergonomic postures during lying, sitting, standing and working all the time. 4. Take frequent breaks during your work schedule. 5. Try and do all your cutting and washing work sitting on a stool if you can. 6. Schedule all your work in phases so that your back is not overstretched. 7. Do not carry weights. Take help. 8. Take hot water foamentation twice a day for your back. Your Therapist will guide you after examining you. You can take a few sessions of short-wave Daithermy at the clinic. 9. Avoid Standing too long. 10. As your muscles strengthen,your back will improve and gradually you will be able to cope up. 11. Even after your back improves, following ergonomic postures and keeping your back strong should be very important for you to avoid any relapse. 12. Do not wear high heels Keep to a comfortable foot wear. 13. The most important thing you need to do is to take frequent breaks to rest your back. Rest is very important. It is the un rested back that gives a problem.


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