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What medical condition am I suffering from?

Q: My levels of SGPT are 90 and SGOT 51. For the past 6 months I have headache, palpitations, sweating of palms, hammering in the head and chest pain. I have done a CT Scan contrast and ECG which are normal. Endoscopy was normal and the ultrasound showed mild inflammation of the gall bladder wall. The blood and urine reports were normal too. Last year The SGPT was 118 and SOPT was 51. What do I do?

A:Numerous diseases can cause symptoms such as headache, chest discomfort and undue sweating. Once major internal problems such as brain tumour and coronary artery disease have been excluded by radiological testing and an exercise test to evaluate the heart, one should be reassured, even if one has to live with these subjective symptoms. In some cases the symptoms may arise from a difficult to treat entity such as functional hypoglycaemia. Frequent small meals and a less stressful lifestyle will help. In many cases anti-anxiety treatment will relieve the symptoms and more importantly, the distress of worry that makes the situation worse.


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