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What kind of an infection am I suffering from?

Q: I had urinary tract infection last year and took treatment for almost 8 months. My urine test shows erythrocytes 1-2 and epithelial cells 1-2. Also, microscopic analysis shows no fungus but my penis forehead skin has become slightly white and the internal forehead is swollen. What is the reason? My lower abdomen has pimples that are itchy and there is watery discharge. This year my blood was tested in Apollo by using the Western blot method. It was fine and the other tests carried out too were fine. There is no blood infection. Two days ago my kidney was scanned and all was fine. Please advise what kind of medicine should I take? Is it a curable problem?

A:It seems that you are having balanoposthitis and it is commonly caused by candidiasis. To recognize this entity, one needs to do KOH examination of surface material from glans and prepuce. Diabetes mellitus or partner genital infection (Candidal vulvovaginitis) need to be ruled out. Other possible causes of balanoposthitis are other infective conditions, chemical exposure, use of irritants or allergens etc. For correct diagnosis and treatment, you need to consult a dermatologist.


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