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What is wrong with my relative's bones?

Q: My sister-in-law aged about 30, delivered a healthy baby girl through normal delivery six months back. She was about 48 kgs earlier and now her weight is around 60 kg. She does not exercise and does not do any household chores as she complains about pain in the body. She visited one orthopedic who advised her that her bones are in bad shape and any time there can be a fracture. Therefore, she is advised to take 5 kgs milk per day and lots of diet? What kind of disease it could be whereby doctors advised the patients to take 5 kgs milk and half kg cheese and half kg soybean milk daily. She has made her life miserable by making these demands and emotionally blackmailing the entire family. Please help and suggest as she visits the doctors alone and does not want to disclose the reports?

A:It seems to be a complex physical and emotional problem. First of all there is no disease in which one needs to take so much milk. I suggest that you consult the doctor, or take a second opinion. I am afraid that she may be suffering from calcium deficiency, something common after pregnancy, but taking so much milk might just add to her weight. Handle her with care as she definitely has an emotional problem. Motivate her to take second opinion, and may be give her the needed emotional support.


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