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What is wrong with my liver?

Q: I am a 42 years old man facing a liver problem and pain in the stomach on the right side. I have got the blood test done, in which SGPT was found 56.4 IU/L. Sometime the stomach pain continues for 3-4 days and this is happening for the last 2 months. Now I am taking Enzar Forte and Ganaton for the last 3 days. Now pain has been reduced by taking these drugs. How can this problem be completely resolved? Please advise.

A:Alanine aminotransferase (serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase) is an enzyme that is found primarily in the liver while much lower levels are also present in the kidneys, heart, and muscles. Normally present in low levels in the blood, it is raised when there is damage to the liver. This may be due to infection, alcohol, drugs or familial liver disease. The level can also be raised after an intra-muscular injection or strenuous exercise as also muscle disease. The levels of the enzyme in the blood fluctuate during a 24-hour cycle. The enzyme is usually measured (along with other enzymes and serum bilirubin) to help diagnose liver disease (e.g. hepatitis and cirrhosis) and monitor recovery from or treatment for liver disease. As its level is raised in many conditions, other tests are usually required to interpret an abnormal result. Please remember that one does not treat an abnormal laboratory test and it needs to be interpreted in the light of your symptoms and clinical findings. Your treating doctor would be best placed to advise you.


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