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What is wrong with my father's lungs?

Q: This is regarding my dad, who is an asthmatic from childhood. Now he has developed emphysema. He does not smoke, does not drink and never did both in the past. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and was operated (total laryngectomy and tracheostomy) followed by radiation for one month. Now asthma has increased. Even 30 mg of Prednisolone per day does not work. Gatifloxacin has no effect. Lungs are prone to infection. There is cough all the time with a lot of congestion. The asthma attacks too are quite severe. Please doctor, suggest some remedy at least to prevent infection of the lungs and asthma also?

A:It seems that your dad has active lung infection which is not responding well to the antibiotics tried so far. Sputum culture should be done and antibiotics modified. Also more aggressive nebulizer therapy with Duolin 4 hourly and Budecort 1 mg should be given. Wysolone should be reduced over the next few weeks and stopped if possible. Once infection comes under control, Vaccinations with Pneumo-23 and Vaxigrip should be given to minimize the possibility of Viral and bacterial infections. Respiratory exercises should also be started.


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