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What is wheat grass and it's health benefits?

Q: What is wheat grass? How should it be taken and is it really useful? People say it is anticancerou! Is it true? Please write in detail giving its pros and cons.

A:Many complementary and alternative medicines have no validity other than the extraordinary faith that people invest in them. Thus some people strongly believe that animal parts are good for virility and herbs are good for improving general health. A good example is ginseng which is popular in China and Korea, but far less so in other countries where it seems to be less effective simply because people are not conditioned to believe in its powers. Wheat grass is a good example of a herbal product which is fashionable and is used to improve general health by detoxifying the body when taken as a juice extract either by mouth or as an enema. It is also used for treating many diseases including cancer. There is no reliable proof of effectiveness for this remedy or for a host of similar remedies which lack scientific proof. Wheat grass was introduced by a woman in the USA who was not trained in medicine. Her reasoning (supported by the Bible) was that the natural foods of the diet of the beasts of the field are healing. She was charismatic enough to persuade followers that the nauseating juice was a potent detoxifying agent. The important question is not "Does it work" but "Why should anyone have believed her"? That is a mystery! If one wants to believe in this therapy, it is unpleasant but relatively harmless. Perhaps one should save ones money for other more important and more effective measures in cancer.


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