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What is the wrong with my index finger?

Q: When I was a teenager, I would get Streptococcal throat infection and sometimes develop rashes and my hands would start to peel. Now, as an adult the skin on my finger starts to get white and it feels numb. I have noticed that with water it starts to get all soft and lose. Since this is irritating, I take off the dead skin but then it dries up, cracks and sometimes bleeds or just hurts a lot. This only happens to my index finger. Please help.

A:It seems you are having finger tip eczema and you have atopic diathesis. Avoid strong soaps, avoid contact with vegetable and fruit juices, use emollients in your hands (put vaseline twice or thrice daily), avoid trauma to finger (Usage of computer key board) and use topical steroid to control the eczema. You may try Diprovate MF cream twice daily and apply vaseline immediately after washing hands. Wash your hands less frequently.


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