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What is the treatment of recurrent ulcers on the lips?

Q: My husband is having a recurring problem since a long time. He has a sort of an ulcer on the lips. It is burning and looks like small bubbles in a small white pimple like thing. It then tends to bulge and red pus oozes out. It burns all the time. On the third/fourth day, it dries up and after that the skin comes out. I want to know what is this issue all about? Does he need to consult a doctor? He does not smoke but has gas trouble. He is very lean. Please advise.

A:In all probability, your husband is having Herpes simplex of the lips which is a perfectly innocuous and a very common condition. I do not think you need to worry about it. There is also no need to seek any treatment since no satisfactory treatment is available. The blisters may continue to appear for sometime and when they stop, it would happen on its own. Medicines help temporarily. I hope he will be well soon. All this is being based on the information provided by you and I hope you appreciate the limitations. Should you want to be more certain, you should ask your husband to see a dermatologist.


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