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What is the treatment for wet eczema?

Q: My daughter is suffering from chronic eczema since childhood. She is now 10 years old. Her eczema is wet and all the time secreting leading sometimes to secondary infections. She has been treated with both allopathic as well as homoeopathic medicines. Mostly it appears on the leg and feet, and aggravates during rainy season. Her Immunoglobulin test shows 1600 (very high above normal). Her mother was having Eczema and is now cured. Please advise.

A:Your daughter is probably having atopic eczema. Treatment of such cases require counselling the patient regarding taking care of their dry skin, sometime instructions on diet and clothing etc. At oozing stage, wet compresses and topical steroids are used. In case of secondary infection, oral antibiotics may be required. Actual treatment depends upon the stage of eczema and how patient responds to treatment. You need to consult a dermatologist for regular treatment course.


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