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What is the treatment for varicose veins?

Q: My 71 years old mother is suffering from varicose veins in her right leg for the last 6 months. She has taken B-complex capsules prescribed by the doctor but in vain. Lately she has started using an ayurvedic oil, which has smoothened the protruding vein and provided relief in pain too. Since a month, her leg turns once a week or sometimes twice a day causing her to lose her balance. What is the best treatment for her considering her age?

A:The varicose veins are treated in the following options

  • Determine that the deep veins are patent
  • If they are patent, at this age first choice is elastic crepe bandage when ever the patient is erect
  • If fit for surgery, Trendelenburg surgery and stripping of the vein
  • If there veins are small and superficial, sclerotherapy
  • Endo venous laser obliteration of the veins instead of stripping of the vein
  • If the deep veins are thrombosed, only elastic crepe bandage to be applied
  • The turning of the leg is no way associated with the varicose veins-neurological check is required.

I an not aware of what AIIMS therapy implies.


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