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What is the treatment for toxic melanosis?

Q: My girl friend has dark skin patches on her neck, arms and legs. These have been there for 8 years. She doesn't have any problem except that the patch on her neck is quite noticeable. A dermatologist did a biopsy and suggested that it is toxic melanosis. What is this disease? Is it life threatening? Are there any chances of the disease taking dangerous form in future?

A:The term toxic melanosis sounds a little aggressive but the condition itself is benign in nature. It occurs because of a combination of factors mainly chemicals in environment and clothing and sunlight. Basically, she need to avoid vegetable dyed clothing, which release colour on each washing, photo protection, mild topical steroid like Flutivate cream topically once daily and orally antioxidants in the form of fruits or capsules. The condition is not a cancer and has no systemic relationship.


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