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What is the treatment for swelling behind the nipple?

Q: I have little swelling behind the right nipple, we went to the doctor who has advised to take Evion 400 Capsules for 15 days, the doctor has said that there is swelling in blood vessels. We would like to know from you whether the medicine prescribed is ok and what may be the cause of such swelling and pains when the nipple is pressed with force. Otherwise I am active and healthy and weigh 40 kgs height 157 cms.

A:Evion (Vitamin E) is an antioxidant, and it may help reduce inflammatory damage from some diseases of the skin. It may take longer for a lump below the skin to respond. If there is no response, it would be advisable to leave it alone to see if it heals spontaneously. All irritation, such as scratching, must be avoided. The lump could also be the result of infection, or it could be fat (called a lipoma). If the lump grows over a few more weeks, a biopsy will be needed to make the diagnosis and to be sure that there is no rare disorder such as tuberculosis or a tumour.


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