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What is the treatment for scoliosis?

Q: I had a small tumour in my stomach, and with the help of chemotherapy and radiation they shrunk the tumour and removed it and then lead to back problem. I have scoliosis which means that my spine is on a 55 degree left angle all of the pain runs from my neck too my lower back into my left leg, the pain is a stiff, sharp pain. I also have arthritis in my back and legs which makes the pain even worse than what it is suppose too be. And the kinds of medications that Iam taking for this is artherotec, robaxial, adisol 30 and tylenol 3. Details: arthrotech (4 months) 2 per day, adisol 30 taken when needed, usually twice a day, for a year now, tylenol 3 same as the adisol 30. My problem is in my lower back and my left leg and any kind of movement especially laying down makes it worse. My mother and 3 sisters and 2 neices had the same problem.

A:I dont know your age but if you are young then scoliosis can increase and can become a problem in future, however it is important to note that scoliosis doesnt cause back pain. There are other reasons for back pain like pinching of nerves or arthritis in your spine or even metastasis from your tumor. Since you have pain radiating in your leg, its possible that you have nerve involvement. The best modality of non operative treatment is pain control, physical therapy and bracing if possible. Not all patients with similar complaints as yours need an operation, you should try spinal stabilization exercises, abdominal strengthening exercises and postural control training. You can try hot fomentation along with medication for comfort. Swimming may be beneficial. You should also get an MRI done to see the source of compresssion on your nerve. You should follow the advice from any spine specialist or an orthopaedic surgeon.


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