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What is the treatment for recurrent penile infection?

Q: I am a 35 years old man having infection on my penis with red patches and small blisters on the head and a small patch on the internal skin. This has occurred for the second time in the last 5 months. I have taken Fluconazole 200 mg (1 tab after 7 days, total 2 tabs), Seraconazole cream, Ocuvir 400 thrice a day for 5 days, Enterogermina liquid 5 ml (five bottles one each for 5 days). But this has not helped me much. There is a constant burning sensation on the penis. Please advise.

A:You may be having recurrent balanoposthitis, may be due to Candidiasis. It could be possibly due to underlying diabetes mellitus, old age, antibiotic therapy, immunodeficiency or vaginal candidiasis in the partner. Other possibilities are allergic contact dermatitis to topical medication or localised lesions of psoriasis, etc. Consult a dermatovenereologist to sort out your problem. At the moment, stop all topical medications and clean the area with normal saline. Don't use soap or antiseptics like Dettol on genitalia. You may take oral fluconazole; get yourself and your wife investigated.


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