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What is the treatment for recurrent abscesses on inner thighs?

Q: I am 30 years old and have recurring abscesses on various parts of my body over the past 7 years. The most common is at the inner part of my thighs, which is due to walking leading my thighs to brush against each other. I also experience inflammation in my armpits. These abscesses generally occur during summer. I have managed to cure them with antibiotics. My doctor told me that some sort of laser surgery is now available to treat these spots. What is the long term or permanent solution to this problem?

A:The condition is called Hydradenitis Suppurativa. It is caused by chronic infection of oil secreting glands in the groin and armpits. Laser treatment is neither reliable nor effective. The best treatment is with the help of surgery. Complete removal of all infected glands and covering the defect with a skin graft is the safest and most effective treatment available today. A senior, experienced plastic surgeon can help you.


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