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What is the treatment for my multiple problems?

Q: I have a fatty infiltrated liver and ulcers in my stomach. I also have excessive hiccups and swelling & white patches in my brain. There is burning sensation while passing stools and urine. I have loose motions from a week. While walking, my chest pains and I sweat a lot. I can't walk for more than 2 to 3 minutes as after that my chest pains. So doctor please guide me.

A:Without medical reports and x-rays to see for myself it is very difficult to evaluate the multiple symptoms and the diagnoses you have mentioned, especially since you are just 28 years. The fatty liver should not cause any symptoms. The diagnosis of an ulcer I presume has been made after an upper GI endoscopy. If that be the case you should be on treatment for ulcers and possibly receive an antibiotic if there is evidence of H. pylori which is a bacteria known to cause stomach ulcers. I am not quite sure why you have the brain lesions you describe. I doubt you have swelling in the brain because that is likely to be fatal if not treated. If your urine test is normal there is no easily definable cause to explain the burning either in the urine or the stools. With chest pain one is always concerned about heart disease but this would be unlikely in someone as young as you. I would suggest you see an Internist who may be able to help direct further investigations and treatment.


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