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What is the treatment for knee pain in old age?

Q: I am a 60 years old diabetic man for the last 12 years. Recently have started arthritis kind of knee pain in the right knee. I would like to get your valuable advice in the matter, like food habits, exercise, dos and don'ts.

A:The problem you have in the knees is called osteoarthrosis. It is a structural-mechanical problem of the knees related to the typical lifestyle of India (i.e. sitting cross-legged since childhood, squatting, sitting on the floor and getting up, going up-and-down the stairs and other similar weight-bearing movement of the knee). Many people call it degenerative OR ageing of the knees. As it is not a disease but more a mechanical-structural damage to the cartilage, none of the things mentioned by you have any effect on this problem. Correct use of the knees in day-to-day living (with the help and guidance of an occupational therapist) and appropriate quadriceps (non-weight-bearing) exercises (under the guidance of a qualified physiotherapist) helps. Details of this knee problem are discussed under the topics section on DoctorNDTV.com


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