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What is the treatment for intestinal TB?

Q: I am undergoing treatment for intestinal TB. My course of medicine is almost over. I had a tissue growth between my small and large intestine that was causing me lot of pain and problems but now it is much better. I got a biopsy done of the tissue and it was discovered that I had intestinal TB and not cancer. Do you feel that I should go in for surgery or is it ok for me to live with the growth which causes discomfort at times like when I bend or eat certain food items. I am a 35 year old female; and am also worried what will happen in case I get pregnant? Will the growth affect the pregnancy?

A:Ileocaecal TB is treated by anti-TB drugs. The lesion usually disappears. If there is intestinal obstruction or mass lesion, surgical removal is indicated. Pregnancy may reactivate the disease. Hence right hemicolectomy is usually recommended for residual lesions.


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