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What is the treatment for hypoplastic anaemia?

Q: I am a 27 years old boy who was diagnosed with hypoplastic anaemia last month. Due to human leukocyte antigen (HLA) mismatch with only my sister and only 5/6 match with my father, I was referred ATG and Cyclosporine. The cost of ATG Treatment is approx 8 Lakhs. Is there any cheaper & better treatment available? Please suggest.

A:The only curative treatment for aplastic / hypoplastic anaemia is allogenic stem cell transplant. Since you don’t have an HLA matched sibling donor the second best treatment is immunosuppressive therapy (ATG with Cyclosporine). The original ATG is by M/s Pfizer International (ATGAM). The cost of ATGAM based therapy would be around Rs 8.0 lakhs. The Indian ATG is prepared by M/S Bharat Serum Ltd. (THYMOGAM). The cost would be approximately Rs 5 lakh. The response to ATG with cyclosporine is approx 50-70%. Those patients who cannot afford any brand of ATG will best be benefited by Cyclosporine alone. The response rate is approx 30%.


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