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What is the treatment for fractured ribs?

Q: I was hit from the back by a van and I was thrown on the road, thereby fracturing six ribs on my front right side. The consultant orthopaedic surgeon states that strapping is not done these days and has recommended sleeping with angled bed rest, and ultrazac (painkiller) twice a day. The doctor says that it will take three weeks to heal with rest. Is there any ointment rub / fermentation / special food, etc that can help / hasten healing?

A:Yes, your orthopaedic surgeon is right. These days strapping for fracture ribs is not done. In multiple fracture ribs we are mainly worried about injury to the underlying lungs and pleura (covering of lungs). If these are excluded all that is required is to take simple pain killers. There is no special food/medicine or ointment for early healing. It takes about six weeks for the fracture to heal but acute pain subsides in about 3 to 4 weeks.


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