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What is the treatment for footdrop?

Q: Two years back I suffered from footdrop. I took medicines for 1 year. The disease is gone but the effect is still there. Im not able to walk properly. So I want to undergo surgery. Is the surgery really necessary or can I adopt another exercise methods to cure this? Please suggest me a good surgeon if needed. Also do give me the details of the cost and do inform me about the no. of days it will take to recover.

A:Normally foot drop does not recover. I presume you have taken treatment for Hansens. The only way to improve walking in a patient with foot drop is by surgical intervention. The surgery is not very complex and it can be easily done by any competent orthopaedic surgeon. You could go to any of the medical college hospitals or orthopaedic centre of repute. I am not sure which city you are in nor which area you are living in to advise you specifics. Often such a surgery is combined with fusion of some of the joints of foot in case, that is done, you will need to be in plaster for at least 3 months. This will be followed by brace for at least six months. Some times, even upto one year. However, you can be up and about with crutches in two days time. Weight bearing will be delayed for 8 weeks. In case, you do not wish to have surgery you will have to wear a brace (an orthotic device in your shoe) to avoid foot drop. Medicines do not make any difference.


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