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What is the treatment for flat feet?

Q: For the last 7-8 months I am feeling pain in my left foot. It is almost middle of the foot where arc of the foot start. This position does not touch the ground, just above. I have consulted with doctors and understand that the problem is due to my flat feet. I did not get any satisfactory answer from the doctors. Could you please help in this regard? At present, pain is not much and I have no problem to do all my regular work, but I am worried for the future. Can it be a problem for the future? Please suggest what I could do now.

A:Flat feet do give a problem, but you can always work towards being comfortable. You will need to do strengthening exercises for your feet. You should go to a physiotherapy department and do the exercises under supervision. If for some reason you have also developed a postural problem due to pain in your foot, you will need re-education in walking and standing. Faradic foot baths are very helpful for flat feet. This also can be done in the physiotherapy department. Proper valgus pads or insoles as per your degree of flat feet are a must and your therapist should be able to prescribe the same for you.


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