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What is the solution for back pain?

Q: I am an Indian working in Korea, and most of my job here is sitting in front of the computer, may be 14-16 hours. From last 2 weeks I am having a pain on my back. As in the starting the pain was on my lower back just above the buttock. Meanwhile I have gone through the prescription of some medicines and therapy but it gives pain relief for some time only. But later, like right now it has shifted to the upper part of both side of the buttocks muscles. As from the x-ray doctors said that it is not exactly the slip disc problem. But now he prefers to have an MRI and seeing that he can tell better. But the problem here is that explaining the things here is difficult as language is a major problem. So I need some help and direction from you people so that I can take care of myself.

A:Back pain is an occupational hazard. Till you get the MRI and even after you get it, you should do back strengthening exercises. Though the acute pain has to subside first, this can be done by using anti inflammatory medications. Once the pain is under control you should start with gradual back stretching as well as side stretching, then strengthening and postural exercises should be added. You can go to a physical therapist once to learn the exercises. Hot fomentation may help relieve some spasm. Some people prefer sleeping on hard surfaces, while some benefit from lumbar corsets, this is a matter of personal preference. These are all alternatives and these pains are often cyclical, it comes and goes.


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