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What is the significance of a PCR test?

Q: My Daughter was diagnosed PCR positive last year and she has been treated for tuberculosis for one year. She has taken ATT (AKT4 and AKT3). As her primary problem of irregular monthly cycles has not been cured, she has further been asked for few more tests like PCR (Hystoscopy Guided) for further investigations. Her case is of Primary infertility. Please guide us on, which is the best place where the above mentioned test can be conducted? What is the significance of this test?

A:Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR) detects a segment of the genome of the microorganism under investigation. Specificity of the test depends on the selection of the genomic segment of the microorganism. It is highly sensitive and specific test. Under best of hands it can detect even one microorganism. For example, the PCR test for tuberculosis at Dr. Dangs Medical Diagnostic Centre (D-1 Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, phone 41044445) detects even 0.9 M. tuberculosis in the sample. In case of your daughter, I suggest you should consult a good gynaecologist first. Since she had already taken ATT for about a year, the chances of having active tuberculosis infection are rather slim. There could be other causes of irregular menstrual cycle. She should be properly investigated. However, for the detection of tuberculosis infection in her, I suggest that endometrial biopsy and/or fluid from pouch of Douglas may be subjected to PCR test for M. tuberculosis.


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