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What is the significance of a gap between L4 L5 of the spine?

Q: A gap has been noticed between my L4 and L5 spine. Can I know the remedy to overcome this gap? The gap is a result of exertion and two wheeler driving.

A:Mere presence of a gap between L4 and L5 has no meaning. Perhaps you are referring to the X-ray finding. What looks like a gap on the X-ray is actually filled with tissue known as intervertebral disc. It is a protrusion of the disc that causes pain in the back radiating to the leg. You will have to be carefully evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon before I can suggest any treatment as I have no details on physical findings. Assuming your diagnosis is a disc prolapse there is no remedy for changing this ‘gap’. 80% of patients settle with conservative treatment with restricted activity followed by exercises. If you are not settling with conservative treatment only then would alternative measures be considered.


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