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What is the safest drug recommended for arthritis?

Q: For arthritis, please suggest a safe pain-killer. I was taking Nimulid or Nise but I am told they are not safe and have been banned. There was a big story on this topic in the daily newspaper Hindu, Chennai a few days ago. Also how to spot drugs made by sub-contractors. Hindu had also a big story on this subject. I take Ulgel for high acidity. What are the side effects on long term use?

A:If you go through our website that gives the details of arthritis you would realise that it is only a symptom of some disease. An expert (a Rheumatologist)has to clinically examine you and then make adiagnosis. Based upon the diagnosis appropriate treatment can be given. With all the great advances even diseases like rheumatoid can now be fullytreated. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you meet a rheumatologist, get your disease appropriately diagnosed and then take appropriate treatment instead of taking painkillers that I have started to call plainkillers!


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