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What is the right treatment for external piles?

Q: I am 30 years old. I have been diagnosed with external piles. The doctor gave me the following prescription: Faktu cream and pilon tablets. Is it the right treatment? Do I need to contact any specialist? There is no bleeding or hard stool, but I experience pain while sitting.

A:As you have been told to have only external piles without any history of bleeding, the symptomatic treatment which you have been prescribed appears ok. I am sure that your doctor has done a per rectal examination to confirm the piles. Sometimes, anal fissure can also cause pain as in your case. In addition to the treatment you are taking, you can also use Sitz bath once a day, which will further reduce the piles and give you symptomatic relief. You should take a stool softener in case you get constipated, and also increase intake of fibres in your diet. Besides, I would also suggest that you lose weight.


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