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What is the remedy for hyperpigmentation?

Q: I am a 27 years old woman suffering from hyperpigmentation. The complexion of my face is dark compared to my body colour and it is uneven as well. It has been due to exposure to the sunlight and not proper care. I have taken 6-7 glycolic peeling sessions up to 50% concentration for 5 minutes but gave no result. Please suggest me any remedy for this. I am planning to go for laser skin treatment. Can this be helpful in my case? What may be the side effects of laser skin treatment for pigmentations?

A:Pigmentation is the end result of a number of disorders. The outcome of any treatment will depend upon the cause. It is like saying I have fever give me a medicine. You may take Crocin and fever will come down for some time and come back again. If this fever was, from let us say tuberculosis, no matter what you do, fever will not go unless you treat tuberculosis. The same applies for hyperpigmentation. Therefore, I suggest you first go and see a good Dermatologist who makes a proper assessment of your problem.


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