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What is the remedy for allergy to paper dust?

Q: I have severe allergy problems. Whenever I open any old books, or papers, I immediately get severe itching in throat, I start sneezing which leads to a throat infection. If left untreated it leads to a headache and yellow pus gets accumulated in the nose and head leading to severe pain. The doctor treated me with antibiotics. It doesn't get cured without an antibiotic. I get relief from doxi-1. But it has become a chronic disease and repeats very often. Can it be prevented?

A:If you cannot avoid exposure to the book or paper dust to which you are apparently allergic, your only option is to treat the symptoms, or try by pretreatment to prevent them. It would be worth trying a nasal steroid spray such as beclomethasone or fluticasone. For minor reactions, an antihistamine may be sufficient.


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