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What is the reason for red itchy watery spots on the skin?

Q: I have a very itchy allergic skin problem. It creates a lot of problem. I consulted three allopathic doctors, but I could not get much relief. Now I am consulting a homeopathy doctor, but his medicines is also not found to be effective. I have two types of itching developed. One is in the palm area, itching with development of painful watery spots, mainly in the palm lines or finger joint lines. Another is in the whole of the body with itching red spots. The serious part is on the thighs. It has already been six months that I have been struggling with this skin itching. Please suggest me what are the effective drugs I should take to free me from this menace.

A:Itchy watery spots on your fingers suggest that you have some kind of eczematous disorder. Such eruptions are also seen in scabies. If the itchy spots are in the thigh folds, then you are also having intertrigo which may be fungal in origin. Itching all over the body is seen in scabies, drug reactions, hepatitis etc. All your problems may be due to one disorder or a combination of factors. The medication will depend upon the diagnosis. If it is not evident on first examination, then follow up and necessary investigations should clarify the situation. Discuss with your dermatologist.


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