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What is the reason for recurrent blisters on the lips?

Q: 10 years back I contacted a female, and made lip to lip contact, contacting the mucous as well. After 3 days, there was some transformation in my mouth. There were some bristles on the tip of the upper lip. I got it treated. Now after 10 years, these very small bristles are reappearing - very small bristle only on the upper lip. At the side of the upper lip there is a cluster of very small blisters. There is no itching or pain or anything like that. I am very much worried about this. I hadn't had any contact with that female but for this mouth contact. After that I have never contacted any prostitute. I am married and have kids. And also now, there is some burning on the outside near the neck of penis.

A:Your problem is probably that of recurrent herpes labialis, which is quite common and each episode of fresh lesions is precipitated by stress, febrile episodes, exposure to sun, etc. It may or may not have been contracted from the contact you had with prostitute. It is a trivial problem in my opinion. Since the virus remains dormant in nerve roots and can not be killed by any means at present. At the time of prodromal symptoms or within 24 hours of onset of lesions, if you take tablet Zovirax (that is, Acyclovir) 200 mg five times daily at 4 hourly intervals for 5 to 7 days, your symptoms and signs of this malady will be reduced, but there is no guarantee regarding preventing recurrences which are quite common. At present, there is no need to curse yourself for the past, but please be loyal to your wife.


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