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What is the reason for pricking sensation all over my body?

Q: I currently reside in Canada, my problem is I feel pricking sensation all over my body in winter only if I get exposed to sun or if my body generates heat, as if thousands of thorns piercing me all my body, itches me. There is no use even if I try to scratch. Exposure to fan relieves me a little bit, but in this part of the world (Canada) there are heaters inside apartments, buses, shopping centre and offices which exaggerates my problem. I even sweat at times and my skin colour turns red. Earlier when I was in India, if I sheltered my self from heat it was fine for me but since I came here it became worse for me. I even consulted an endocrinologist and dermatologist but they too are clueless about my problem. Even my blood reports are normal; they just advised to apply anti-itching cream and dry skin lotions. I tried that too and allergy tablets too, even avoided hot showers and hot food but still I am in agony. Kindly suggest me some remedy to get rid of this problem which makes me crazy in winter.

A:You seem to have cholinergic urticaria. After a few years it will subside on its own. Till then you have to modify your life style in such a way that you avoid the precipitating factors. Alternatively you will have to take medicines to remain comfortable. The dosage will depend upon the severity of the problem. You may take them just before you anticipate the onset of the problem. Some people induce a massive attack of itching, by exercise etc, so that they are then free from the problem for as long as 24 hours.


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