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What is the reason for pimples and blisters over the genitals?

Q: I am 28 years old and got married last month and within a week I noticed some pimples and blisters around my vagina. Upon getting a VDRL test done, the result was positive. But when a quantitative VDRL and FTS ABS test was done the result turned out to be normal-non reactive. One of the doctors termed the disease as syphilis before getting the test reports. As the quantitative report is normal, so what disease is this? My blisters have cured leaving behind two pimples that are healing. My husband’s test results were exactly the same as mine.

A:Blisters or pimples over the genitalia may be due to sexual trauma, candidiasis, or herpes. VDRL reactivity alone may not help unless its titre is mentioned. If both husband and wife are reactive, please repeat the test from same lab and also another lab since FTA-ABS test is negative (which is hardly done in India) and I doubt the results.


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