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What is the reason for painful growths under the skin?

Q: I have some growths under my skin. They are a bit hard and I feel some pain, if I press them hard. They are present on my back, thighs, hip (just above the buttocks), arms, under the stomach and chest ribs. All the growths were small, but after I transferred my job to UAE, the problem became worse. The problem worsens if I eat eggs. A homeopathic doctor told me that it is the expansion of lymph glands and there is nothing to worry. He gave me some medicines. After taking the medicines, the growths became big and new ones emerged. The biggest growth (just above the buttocks) is about 2-3 cm in diameter. Is this a serious problem? How can I get rid of this?

A:These swellings under the skin may be due to various causes like fat cells, nerve sheath tumours or paracytic cysts. You need to get some tissue out by FNAC. This is done by a pathologist. After getting the report one can advise treatment.


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