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What is the reason for itching on the scrotum and the groin?

Q: I have an itching problem for the last 23 years. The itching occurs on the scrotum and the groin and as a result of this, the skin of the inner-thighs has turned black. There are no outward manifestations of this problem except for an occasional sticky secretion in a small area of the scrotum and the inner thigh. Everyday I wash the area with soap 3 to 4 times and it helps by removing the dirt & secretion and, more importantly, it prevents injuries from scratching on a dry skin by keeping the area lubricated. Even in the middle of night I can get up & wash, if need be. I was taking homeopathy for 4 years, but stopped it when itching didn't stop at all. The only benefit was that the intensity of the itching decreased by 60%. Now I am on Ayurveda for the past 9 months. In addition, I have been applying Ring Guard for the last 2 months. I am still waiting for results. How long must I continue with Ring Guard and is there a better anti-fungal cream? What exactly is this disease and why has it lasted for a shocking 23 years? What is the remedy, if at all there is one?

A:This kind of itching can occur in Seb. Intertrigo, Lichen Simplex Chronicus, Fox Fordyce disease, etc. Clinical examination and, if necessary, laboratory investigation should establish the diagnosis and thereby enable proper selection of therapy.


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