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What is the reason for intense itching in the groin region?

Q: I am 42 years old male, and have itching in the groin region and sometimes on the scrotum. Because of this itching, the groin has become sore. It has been going on for over a year now. My doctor prescribed Surfaz SN cream and caladryl lotion for itching. But unless I use it regularly it is of no use. The infection sometimes spreads further and sometimes stops. I once took cetirizine for a week for cold. Then the itching stopped for a few days. Again it has started. Sometimes I wake up at night because of intense itching on the scrotum. What can I do? I have mild diabetes and take Glador 1 mg tablets daily. I also take Atenolol and Ramipril for hypertension.

A:The symptoms described by you are encountered in a number of situations: seborrhoeicdermatitis, fungal intertrigo, contact dermatitis and lice infestation. In all conditions, symptomatic relief will occur with topical steroids and oral antihistaminics - necessary components of treatment. Sometimes proper follow up is necessary for final diagnosis and proper management. Therefore continue with one regular dermatologist in your area.


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