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What is the reason for elevated IgE levels?

Q: The skin of my hand started to peel about 6-9 months back and would then become ok on its own. I recently showed it to a skin doctor and she recommended an IgE test. The test showed a value of 925mg/L. I understand that the upper range for it is 165mg/L. I also have frquent throat problem (pain or irritation in throat). The doctor said that the throat problem is also due to IgE being high and is due to allergy. What does this mean to me? Is it curable?

A:Elevated serum IgE levels are well recognized to be commonly associated with atopic disorders eg. asthma, hay fever, atopic eczema. You need not bother about peeling of skin if it is off and on. Sometimes seasonal change, but mostly some kind of eczema (due to contact to a particular substance), could also be the culprit. If that be the case, then cure is possible if the offending substance is identified.


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