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What is the reason behind pimple like bumps on the penis?

Q: My penis has some pimple like things. They have pus inside them, which comes out when I put pressure on them. I also have several small pimples like things on my penis, but I cannot take the pus out of them, no matter how much pressure I apply. The skin on my penis has become black. I know that sex organs are darker as compared to other organs but it is getting blacker, especially on the head. My friend told me that it is STD (sexually transmitted disease), while another friend told me that it is due to masturbation (as I do it sometimes). But I don't think it is due to masturbation. What is the reason behind this problem?

A:Common “bumps” on the surface skin of the penis include oil glands, pearly papules and inflamed hair follicles. Oil glands are yellow raised bumps on the shaft, which may secrete a small amount of waxy material. Pearly penile papules may also develop during puberty and may be mistaken for sexually transmitted genital warts. These tiny raised flesh-coloured bumps are found in rows along the rim (corona) of the head of the penis. Both sebaceous glands and pearly papules may persist into adulthood, and require no treatment. Pubic hairs at the base of the penis may become infected with skin bacteria such as Staph, resulting in folliculitis. This produces red bumps and pus in the hair follicles, and may require antibiotic treatment if extensive. Another diagnosis could be genital herpes but highly unlikely until there is a sexual contact. Kindly see a good dermatologist to clear any other doubts.


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