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What is the prognosis of lymph node TB?

Q: I am a 23-year-old female. Two months back, I had lymphadenopathy in my neck and the Fine Needle Aspiration showed granulomatous lymphadenitis. Doctor diagnosed extrapulmonary tuberculosis and prescribed oral anti- HRZE for six months. I want to know about the prognosis. I don't know how I got it. Also, I had anaemia. Laboratories say it is microcytic hypochromic, but ferrous sulphate therapy didn't increase my haemoglobin. Is there any connection between TB and anaemia? What should I do?

A:Lymph-node TB in the neck is called scrofula, and the usual symptom is a painless red mass or palpable lymph node in the neck. The prognosis in extra-pulmonary (outside the lung) forms of tuberculosis depends on the identification and susceptibility pattern of the isolate, infection by susceptible strains being easily cured by ATT. Anaemia could be due to many factors, and may require detailed investigation and assessment. There is no risk of malignancy. Pyridoxine supplementation (10-50 mg/day) should be provided to patients on ATT to prevent peripheral neuropathy, especially in pregnant and breast feeding women, diabetics, alcoholics, HIV patients, and patients with malnutrition. You should start pyridoxine along with your ATT and ferrous sulphate. Do take your medicines regularly to prevent any complications.


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