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What is the procedure to remove burn scars from my chest?

Q: When I was 18 months old, I got 3rd degree burns on my chest and shoulders, as I was trying to drink extremely hot coffee. It hit most of my body, but only my chest (not breasts) and shoulders were scarred. Now I am 19 years old and they are still in the same spot and same shape. They are lumpy and noticeable. My doctor suggested that when I turned 16, I should have my scars stretched out by putting balloons in the skin of my shoulders and pumping the balloons with air to stretch my skin out, making my scars less noticeable. He said there is no way to remove the scars on my chest because they were too dangerously close to my heart. However, I feel that there has to be a better way to remove these ugly scars off my shoulders and chest. What procedure should I go through and how much will the cost be?

A:You need what is known as tissue expansion, that is expansion of normal tissue and removal of scar. Cost depends upon how many expanders you need, which cost around Rs. 25,000/- and two operations one to put it and second to remove it.


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