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What is the ideal meal pattern for a student?

Q: I am a boy with a fluctuating weight between 60 kg to 63 kg. I have maintained this weight for the past three years or so. I am 172 cms tall. I study in a reputed engineering college. As such my eating habits are very irregular. The classes start from morning and continue till 4 PM. I just have a cup of tea in the morning and the next time I eat is around 6 PM or even 8 PM sometimes. This has kept my weight under control. During extended holidays when I am at home, my weight is on an ever rise (reaches its peak at 63 kg) or sometimes even a bit more. I take three meals a day during my extended holidays, and eat in small quantities. My overall shape is very good, but my tummy has a bulge. What should I do? My parents say my habit of staying without food for long hours during college time will result in gas problems. What is the ideal dietary plan for a student like me, who after coming from college gives tuition till 9 PM?

A:The idea of small meals is ideal, but just that someone your age must take more meals say at least 4-5 meals. Your ideal weight range should be between 64-74 kg, so you need not bother if you gain a little too. Your tummy is out because you are sitting about 80% of your day with no exercise. Resort to tummy tucks/ab exercise (please refer the Internet for correct method). Do not, I repeat do not, skip breakfast. It is what you need to keep your system alive and kicking through the day. I do agree with what your parents say - skipping meals will only release more acid and no food to work on will result in gas and acidity. Drink a minimum of 12 glasses of water, no matter what. Take fruits in mid morning and early evening - maybe you can carry an apple to college. Take something while you are tutoring. This is the right age for you to get into a regimen, be it study or food, after all health is important and you realise it and thats why you have visited this site!


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