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What is the cure for Reiter's disease?

Q: One of my friends, 25 years old, is suffering from Reiter's disease, which causes serious joint pain with eye and urine problem. Can you suggest what can be done to treat the issue or any precautions or home remedies, which can help or boost the medications as currently its very difficult for him to walk as water like substance is forming in the knee joints.

A:Reiter’s disease is a serious systemic rheumatic disease that needs a good rheumatologist to carefully assess, treat and follow the patient closely. There are some very effective and safe treatments that are now available to control the disease. However, it is to be kept in mind that it is a genetic disease therefore, it is characterised with relapsing-remitting course over years. This is why it is absolutely essential to continue treatment of the disease lifelong so that the disease remains in remission and person leads a normal life. No, there are no home remedies or treatments for this rather serious condition in any other system of medicine, to the best of my knowledge.


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