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What is the cure for numbness and pain in the legs?

Q: I am 50 years old. I get my periods regularly. I started pain in my left leg 5-6 months back, slowly it is increasing. I am taking shelcal-m daily one tab. Recently I developed numbness in my left leg whenever I stood up. When I walk it goes, but I get it when I stand up after sitting in a chair. Please tell me if I can do yogasanas? How can I reduce the pain in my left leg at the pelvic joint? What should I do to reduce the numbness in my leg? I feel that it should not increase.

A:It appears that the cause of your symptoms is pressure on a nerve root at the spine (back). Our spine consists of vertebral bones which are stacked one on top of the other. Between the vertebrae lies the disc which is a kind of cushion. The disc may move from its position and press on the nerves and this is the commonest cause of pain and numbness of this nature. There can be less common causes which may need to be elucidated with certain investigations. Specific postures like forward bending may at times be harmful and should be avoided. Other yogasanas can be done. Various medicines including pain killers, muscle relaxants and certain vitamins and nutraceuticals may be beneficial. Prolonged use of pain killers should be avoided.


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